Accommodation in Vienna

Vienna is a major tourist destination in Europe. There are hundreds of hotels of all standards and price categories available. Therefore, we have not made any block reservations. Please, consult your travel agent or your favorite on-line booking service to find the appropriate accommodation.

Nevertheless, we have some advice to offer:

  • Since we strongly suggest that you should get yourself a public transport ticket, look for your accommodation’s connectivity to public transport. The congress venue is located on the U2 subway line (stations: Messe-Prater or Krieau). You can check for connections and travel time on the homepage of Wiener Linien.
  • There are a number of hotels located close to the campus. You can find them on the map below.
  • A number of hotels in Vienna are certified for their ecological standard. ERSA 2016 aims to be a green congress. Therefore, we encourage you to check whether any of these hotels meets your expectations.
  • Vienna is a very save city. You do not have to worry about no-go areas. There are not any.

Hotels close to Campus WU

The following hotels are located within easy walking distance (less than 20 min.) of Campus WU:

Ecolabel certified Hotels

You can find the eco-label certified hotels in the following list as well as on the map.