The ERSA congress will host sessions dealing with the following general themes and special session topics. To submit an abstract for any on these themes, go to the Submission Forms.

General Themes

Code Title
G_A.New frontiers in Regional science
G_B.Regional economic growth and development
G_C.Urban sprawl and shrinkage
G_D.Regional and urban labor markets
G_E.Regional and urban policy, planning and governance. Best practices
G_F.Location of economic activity
G_G.Entrepreneurship, small business and regional diversity
G_H.Multinational corporations, social embeddedness/alienation
G_I.Institutional factors in regional and urban development
G_J.Migrations, diasporas, and aging in the regions
G_K.Spatial econometrics and regional economic modelling
G_L.Spatial agglomerations – economic clusters and metropolitan areas
G_M.Innovations in space
G_O.Realty and housing markets
G_P.Smart cities and regions
G_Q.Natural environment, resources, and sustainable development
G_R.Infrastructure, transport, communications for mobile regions
G_S.Social inclusion, poverty, and social policy in space
G_T.Regional finances, investments and capital markets
G_U.Transitional economies
G_V.Regional cooperation and competition
G_W.Family and regional development
G_X.Regional conflicts and regional science

Special Session Topics

closed session Sessions marked with this icon are not open for general submission. If you want to contribute to this session and have not been invited by the session convenor, please contact the convenor first.

Code Title Convenor(s)
S_A. Interregional migration: new insights on the role of economic opportunities, human capital, creativity and cultural identity Alessandra Faggian, Bianca Biagi, Viktor Venhorst
S_B. Regional resilience Alessandra Faggian, Timothy Jaquet, Tüzin Baycan
S_C. New Phases of Mutual Economic Interdependent Relations- Trade, FDI and Migration closed session Kenji Kondo
S_D. Well-being and happiness in contemporary cities: measures, analysis and policy Camilla Lenzi, Philip Morrison, Giovanni Perucca, Paolo Veneri
S_E. Regional ecosystems for social entrepreneurship and innovation: societal expectations and opportunities for the engagement of Universities in regional development Marlene Amori
S_F. Evolutionary Economic Geography – Domain and Connectedness in Regional Trajectories of Knowledge and Technology Production, Application & Diffusion closed session Dieter Franz Kogler, Jürgen Essletzbichler
S_G. The benefits (and costs) of transport infrastructure investment in mature economies Alexander Lembcke
S_H. Redefining the City-region paradigm: smart strategies for a sustainable and inclusive urban environment. Annamaria Colavitti, Luigi Mundula, Michelle Pezzagno
S_I. Christaller – Central Places – New Trends in commerce & services in Rural Areas Krystian Heffner, Małgorzata Twardzik
S_J. Can Policy Transform Regions into Entrepreneurship and Innovation Hubs? Helen Lawton Smith
S_K. Sustainable Design Strategies of Urban Transformation Projects in (Re)Developing Communities Seckin Kutucu
S_L. Tourism and regional experience economy Chrysanthi Balomenou, Dimitris Lagos
S_M. Regional policy in Central and Eastern European countries – Memory session to Gyula Horvath Ilona Pálné Kovács, Attila Varga, Balázs Páger
S_N. Nordic issues in regional science – organized by RSAS Johan Lundberg
S_O. Attractiveness of regions and places between perception and reality: multidisciplinary perspectives Dario Musolino
S_P. Building Regional Advantages in Developed and Peripheral Countries: The Role of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) Conceição Rego, Maurício Aguiar Serra, Louise Kempton
S_Q. Regional Ecosystems for social entrepreneurship and innovation: identifying key factors for a social innovative region Marta Ferreira Dias
S_R. Innovation & Competition in E-retail & The Digital Economy Neil Wrigley, Michelle Lowe, Franz Huber
S_S. Counterfactual methods for regional policy evaluation Lisa Sella, Elena Ragazzi
S_T. Rural areas can be smart. Reflections on the future of the European non-urban territories André Torre, Fred Wallet
S_U. Roma population Gemma Larramona
S_V. Regional economic diversification and new path development closed session Michaela Trippl
S_W. Smart City as risk or chance for sustainable urban development Sabine Sedlacek, Rudolf Giffinger
S_X. Regional Specialization – concepts and measures Katarzyna Kopczewska
S_Y. Entrepreneurship and regional culture(s) Marcus Dejardin, Michael Fritsch, Michael Wyrwich
S_Z. Cities and nature Danny Czamanski, Rüdiger Prasse, Dan Malkinson.
S_ZA. In the post-urban world – emergent transformations of cities and regions in the innovative global economy Hans Westlund, Tigran Haas
S_ZB. Informal urban cultures: How informality becomes part of the formal system Melis Oguz, Aylin Şentürk
S_ZC. Infrastructure & the spatial organization of labor market activity: New methods and innovative data Joachim Möller
S_ZD. Integration of Spatial CGE and Transport Models Tomoki Ishikura
S_ZE. Fostering open innovation in territorial dimension Marcin Baron
S_ZF. How to govern large urban agglomerations? Metropolitan governance and its effects on economic performance and quality of life in cities Abel Schumann
S_ZG. Urban Economics Association Special Sessions Gabriel Ahlfeldt, Stephan Heblich, Kristian Behrens
S_ZH. August Lösch Prize and 50th anniversary of the German Speaking Section
S_ZI. The Cohesion Policy of the European Union and the factors influencing its impacts on growth, jobs and investment Riccardo Crescenzi, Ugo Fratesi, Vassilis Monastiriotis
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