We suppose you have registered for the congress, booked your flight, and booked your accommodation in Vienna. However, here are a few additional steps that we suggest you take before taking off to Vienna.

Book your Public Transport Ticket

ubahn Vienna has one of the best public transport systems in the world. As congress organizers we will not charter busses to get you to and from events, but rely on public transport. Therefore, you should book your public transport ticket and we strongly suggest that you do this in advance over the Internet. You can find detailed instructions of the transportation page.

Get and personalize the ERSA Web App

appTo support you at the congress we have created a web app for ERSA2016. This app offers among others the following features.
  • view and search the program, mark papers you are interested in
  • view and search the list of participants, send messages to colleagues
  • view your personalized congress program
  • view pictures taken by your colleagues and upload pictures (via Flickr)
  • get congress news, tipps, alerts via the news section
  • a city map with amenities
  • an interactive public transport schedule
  • the weather forecast
  • links to the webpages of ERSA, ERSA2016, and REGION

The ERSA Web App works via the web-browser and therefore can be used on your standard desktop or laptop computer as well as on your smartphone or tablet irrespective of the operating system. No installation and no software updates are required.

To get the link to the app and the codes for personalizing the app, click the button below and follow the instructions on screen. NOTE: You need to be a registered participant to use the ERSA Web App.

Get the ERSA Web App

Get Flickr

The ERSA Web App includes a pictures function that allows you to show photos to the other participants. This part of the app shows all pictures that are publicly available on Flickr and show “ersa2016” in a tag or in the title.

To participate actively in the picture exchange, you

  • either have to install the Flickr app on your smartphone or tablet or
  • use Flickr in your web browser (Link to Flickr).

The app is available for free in the standard app stores. To use Flickr you either have to have you own free Yahoo account or need to use our ERSA2016 account. The information about that is included in the email with the personalization information for the app.

How to use the ERSA Web App

Using the ERSA Web App is straight forward and intuitive. Nevertheless, here is a summary of its functionality.

Personalizing the app

When you click the button above, find your name and click it, you will receive an email like the one below. There you will find the usernumber and the validation code that you need to personalize your app.

thank you for your interest in the ERSA Web App. We hope you will enjoy using it.
To use the app, please open the following URL on the respective device.


When you use the app for the first time, you have to personalize it with the following

     Code  : 

As mentioned in the "Prepare for ERSA2016" page on the congress homepage, we offer a Flickr
account that participants can use to upload pictures taken at the congress. The login information is:

     Email : 
     Passw : 

If you run into problems, please check the "Prepare for ERSA2016" page on the congress
homepage (http://vienna.ersa.org/prepare-for-ersa2016) or send an email to vienna@ersa.org.

Kind regards
Gunther Maier

With the usernumber and the validation code at hand call the link to app in your device (smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer). The personalization screen will pop up. Enter usernumber and validation code and click submit. You only have to do this once, because your name and usernumber will be stored on the device.

Turn it into an app

With the following steps you can turn the weblink into an icon on your homescreen. This makes the ERSA Web App look and feel like a standard app that you downloaded from your favourite app store. The functionality differs a little by operating system and browser. Basically you need to search for an item called Add to Homescreen in your browser’s menu and click or activate it. This will give you an icon called “ersa” on your homescreen that allows you to directly start the ERSA Web App.

Here is a link that describes this functionality for various brwsers and operating systems

ERSA2016 Program

Program Icon

When you start this function, you will see the time schedule of the academic program. For the time slots of the parallel sessions you will just see “Parallel Session“. Click on it to fold out a list of all the sessions held at that time. Click on the session name to see a list of all the papers in this session. Click on the paper title to get more comprehensive information about this paper (including the abstract). At the right hand side of each paper displayed you will see a checkbox. Tap on it to switch it on and off. With this checkbox you can mark papers you are interested to hear. This information will show up in your personal program.

Personal Program

Personal Program Icon

This function gives you a calendar like display of your personal program. The view jumps to the current date and time. When used before Aug. 23rd, the current day is the first day of the congress.

ERSA2016 Participants

Participants Icon

This function lists all the registered participants in alphabetical order. Your own name is shown in red. With the search function you can search for specific participants. Click on the name of a participant to see more detailed information like affiliation, city and country. In this detailed display you can also fold out tasks this participant is involved in (in case you want to meet this person) or a “messages” function which allows you to exchange messages with this participant. Please note the Terms of Use statement at the end of this page.


Pictures Icon

This function shows pictures that are publicly available in Flickr and show “ersa2016” either in a tag or in the title of the photo. For uploading your photos you need to use Flickr (see above).When you start the function you see a summary page of most recently uploaded photos. You can scroll through these pages by swiping left and right. Tap one of the pictures to see a larger version. Again, you can scroll through the pictures by swiping.


News Icon

This function shows news sent to all congress participants. There you will find last minute changes to the program, tips, and suggestions. Check it regularly to stay informed.

ERSA homepage


This is just a link to the ERSA homepage

Congress homepage

ERSA2016 Icon

This is just a link to the homepage of the congress

REGION homepage


This is just a link to the homepage of REGION, the open access journal of ERSA.


Weather Icon

This is a link to Accu-Weather. In some of our tests Accu Weather showed the weather at another place than Vienna. If you experience this, just enter “Vienna, Austria” into the search field of the weather widget. It is our experience that this needs to be done only once. Do not forget to add “Austria”. You may get the weather forecast for “Vienna, Virginia” in the USA otherwise.

City Map

Map Icon

This function shows an electronic city map of Vienna derived from Open Streetmaps. You can mark your location and then look for amenities in the vicinity. Amenities are shown in a list as well as on the map. To avoid capacity problems with your smartphone or tablet, only one amenity can be shown at one time and only amenities in the neighborhood of your current location (as marked on the map) are shown. When you tap a specific amenity in the list, it is marked with a yellow spot on the map.

Public Transport

Tram Icon

This function links to Quando, the interactive application of the Vienna public transport company. Unfortunately, Quando cannot be instructed to operate in English. You can switch to English by clicking “Menu” and then the button saying “DE“.

Additional information about the ERSA Web App

Current functionality

Currently, the app is still work in progress. We try to add and improve functionality. Because of this, at some times you may see strange messages. Please, ignore them. The key functions are tested and available for you to use. If you experience problems, please check this page or send an email to vienna@ersa.org.

IPhone IOS problem

Some IPhone users experienced problems personalizing the app. Personalizing the app does not work when private browsing is on in the Safari browser. Just switch private browsing off (Instructions).

Terms of Use

You use the ERSA Web App at your own risk. Do not send any sensitive information via the communication features of the app. Your messages are not encrypted and are stored in plain text in the database. This table is only available for the congress and will be deleted on Sept. 1, 2016. In uploading pictures via Flickr for the picture sharing function you give ERSA permission to use these pictures for promotion of this ERSA congress and future ERSA congresses.